Water Care 101


There are two fundamental elements to Spa & Hot tub chemistry which are:

- Water balance
- Sanitization.

Water Balance: There are various factors that make up water balance

If you water balance is off, chlorine and bromine are just not enough to keep your spa sanitized. The most significant factors for balancing spa water are: 

- pH (acidity of the water) 
- Total alkalinity 
- Calcium Hardness

The levels and chemicals you adjust (i.e. pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness) have the most significant impact on your Spa water.

Much less significant factors that can still alter the water balance & affect the total chemistry are things like organic matter, copper, phosphates, water temperature & rainwater.

Keeping your spa water in balance will help your water to stay fresh longer, and will prevent corrosion, causing your spa to last longer as well.


Chlorine and bromine are the most sommon sanitizers. To effectively sanitize, you need to maintinan the correct pH levels. 

Although chlorine can be effective between 5.5 and 7.8, it's extremely important to keep your pH between 7.2 and 7.8 in order to prevent the chlorine from dissipating too quickly if it's too low, or losing its ability to kill bacteria in the water altogether if it's too high. High pH levels will cause you to use much more chlorine than is necessary in balanced water.

Adding O-Care to the spa weekly will help your sanitizer work better, and will also help maintain pH balance for cleaner, clearer and softer water, while using up to 80% less chlorine.